This course is a great fit for all levels of experience in meditation and contemplative practice. Kimberly's approach is from a place of tried and true perspectives and practices, she provides a dynamic place to begin if you are new to silence and a place to deepen if you have many years under your belt.

Providing training in how to maintain and build physical, emotional, and psychology health, balance, focus, stamina, peace and joy using meditation and meditation techniques. The course and all its curriculum and practices are designed to set each attendee FREE. Ways to de-stress will be approached directly as stress is named as the number one cause of disease. Even more, ways to unleash each person's ability to remain clear, calm and strong in every part of their lives will give access to the untapped potential that lies therein. The result is even MORE creativity and productivity with MORE ease.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Get Yourself Ready

    • Tip #1 Set Yourself UP for Success

    • Tip #2. External Preparation

    • Tip #3 Internal Preparation

    • Tip #4 Decide

    • Tip #6. Silence

    • Tip #5. Schedule

  • 2

    Week 1 Breathing Freedom

    • Week 1 Talk. Freedom

    • Week 1 Talk. Meditation

    • Week 1 Talk. Pizza

    • Week 1 Talk. Self-Care

    • Week 1. Monday Meditation. Breath and the Spine

    • Week 1. Tuesday Meditaton. Breath and the Solar Plexus

    • Week 1. Wednesday Meditation. Breath and the Nose

    • Week 1. Thursday Meditation. Breath and the Palms

    • Week 1. Friday Meditation. Breathing Peace

  • 3

    Week 2 Sanity

    • Week 2 Talk. A Fish in Water

    • Week 2 Talk. The Heartbeat Connection

    • Week 2 Talk. Sanity

    • Week 2. Monday Meditation. The Heartbeat Connection

    • Week 2. Tuesday Meditation. Heartbeat and Compassion

    • Week 2. Wednesday Meditation. Heartbeat and Conflict

    • Week 2. Thursday Meditation. Heartbeat and the World

    • Week 2. Friday Meditation. Heartbeat and What You Want

  • 4

    Week 3 Getting Serious About Challenge

    • Week 3. Monday Meditation. Clouds

    • Week 3. Tuesday Meditation. Harnessing Intention

    • Week 3. Wednesday Meditation. Pulse

    • Week 3. Thursday Meditation. Sat Nam

    • Week 3. Friday Meditation. So Hum

    • Week 3 Talk. Conflict, Tension and Misunderstanding

    • Week 3 Talk. The Essence Meditation Technique

    • Week 3 Talk. Name It

    • Week 3 Talk. The Teacher Dissolves the Teacher

  • 5

    Week 4 Inspiration is Integral

    • An Introduction to Sound

    • Rah

    • Kalm

    • Fire Breath

    • BumbleBee

    • Ocean Waves

    • Week 4 Talk. What Is Inspiration

    • Week 4 Talk. Seek. Discover. Return. Act

  • 6

    Week 5 Arrow like Focus and Concentration

    • Grounding through the Toes

    • Inner Smile

    • Introduction to the Body

    • Prostrations

    • Walking

    • Week 5 Talk. You Can Do Great Things

    • Week 5 Talk. Simplicity and Balance

  • 7

    Week 6 Replace Resistance with Ease

    • Introduction to Observation

    • Observation of the Room

    • observation of the mind

    • Observation of the Body

    • Observation of the Word

    • Week 6 Talk. Power. Pattern. Protection

    • Week 6 Talk. Tips for Resistence

  • 8

    Week 7 A Place for Passion

    • Sitting Around the Fire

    • Keeping Vigil

    • Journey to A Plateau

    • Time Travel

    • Journy Into The Earth

    • Week #7 Talk. Imagination

    • Week #7 Talk. Passion

  • 9

    Week 8 Power Skills

    • Week8.SoftEyes

    • Week8.TheYouThatIsMore

    • Week8.BreathofCreation

    • Week8.CircleofSupport

    • Week8.AltNostrilBreath

    • Week #8 Talk. Balance

    • Week #8. Discernment

    • Week #8 Talk. Equanimity

    • Week #8 Talk. Power

  • 10

    The Big Send-Off

    • Sendoff Tip #1. Sustaining Momentum

    • Sendoff Tip #2. Look Back Now

    • Sendoff Tip #3. Valuable Teaching

    • Sendoff Tip #4. EssenceTribe

    • Sendoff Tip #5. The Tools Fall Away

About the instructor

Minister, M.A., Retreat Leader, Meditation Coach, Reiki Master

Kimberly Braun

Kimberly Braun, Minister, M.A., CSP and Meditation Coach has been devoted to meditation from the age of 5, with over ten of her years spent as a monastic nun.Her Masters in theology was completed in 2001 in Washington D.C., and is concentrated upon the adult spiritual journey. As a CSP, keynote presentations are a primary tool in her personal mission to inspire others to live from the power and wisdom within them.Her style is playful, deeply inquiring, and intelligent in the synthesis of not only how to access this part of ourselves, but how to live from that place more consistently. She is a retreat and workshop facilitator, TEDx speaker, meditation faculty at the renowned Omega Institute, and fellow seeker on the path to living freely. She has three CDs and a book now available about her time as a nun, Love Calls, Insights of a former Carmelite nun. And she is available for YOU~ contact her today for sessions, private group events, keynotes or even a retreat!

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