This course is intimate in nature. It is a place where all can share openly their hopes and their despairs, their challenges and their wonderings. In fact you are invited to share any and all of what is moving you in your life and in the course. In light of the confidence that takes, we ask that confidant be the norm. What does this mean? In the open forum features, all shared there is confidential. We do not wish that any names or posts go out of the community site.

That being said, all are welcomed and encouraged to connect one on one and start friendships that will last long beyond the course and the group life itself.

We reserve the right to remove any posts that are offensive in any way we determine, and if the confidentiality is breeched, we reserve the right to deny further access to the course and the forums. What constitutes breeching of this privacy policy will be discerned by us ultimately, though conversation will be welcomed in the process leading up to a decision we make to protect the integrity of the group and every individual.

Thank you!