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Saying YES to the MORE of your Life is Possible!

Is it possible to stand strong in every circumstance in your life? What would that be like to feel your own sense of equanimity? To find you have ALL you need, and much more, within your very center? What would your joy be if you were in touch with your innate self that is limitless? Is audacious a descriptor of you? Would you like to ‘be it’ more?

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Do you have this niggling that you are meant for MORE! More peace, more clarity, more being in your FLOW and just don’t know how to access it?


Are the storms that arise outside you and within you taking you away from the momentum in which you want to live? And you have a feeling you can do better? Be MORE?


Is LIFE inspiring you? Are you waking up with a spring in your step and an eagerness for your day? Not just occasionally but every day, and even every moment? And are you LIVING from that place?

These desires are within you because you are MEANT to have them fulfilled!

You’re not meant to go through your life feeling angst around living an Inspired LIFE. This is not a setup to leave you feeling powerless, it is an invitation to the dynamic life that IS YOURS NOW!

And I want you to feel it, taste it, know it, live it, with greater certainty and ease.

If you feel this INSPIRED LIFE could be for you,
then you are in the right place.


What is stopping you from stepping into your YES to LIFE with 

total abandon?

I know so well that to endeavor to live this caliber there are many blocks to move through. It can range from personal doubt, to hanging on to old ideas, to commitments to what worked in the past, and the list goes on and on and well...on…

 And when it comes down to it, change is simply

Which means there will probably be discomfort.

Even when we are coming from a place of happiness and want to be even happier, THAT growth is CHANGE.

What does this mean?

Do you remember when you were young and had a growth spurt?
Laying in bed at night your legs would actually hurt. If you remember like I do, it hurt. It felt like my bones were going to poke through my skin! Change can be just like those childhood moments.

(which is what we are talking about here,) STILL INVOLVES INTERNAL SHIFTS. 

and YOU are the operative element in becoming

you do not have to do it alone.

 Having lived in a monastery for more than ten years I deeply understand what it is like to encounter all the parts of self that lead us down paths of limitation.

But I also know what it is like to encounter the greatness within.

To be taken into a place of freedom and connection that I participate in my LIFE FULLY- with enduring peace, sweet joy, inner stillness, increased focus, discernment in difficult situations, wisdom that goes forth effortlessly.

And THAT is what true CHANGE is for my friend.
Standing Strong in the Eye of the Storm is a course created solely for YOU to know HOW to access this part of yourself, and to LIVE from that place with greater efficacy and ease.

What would it be like if you had new tools and perspectives, along with companionship, to take you into MORE and MORE of your inspired life? What if you became so different that when the unexpected twists and turns happen in life, and they WILL happen, you stand strong with less effort?

Whether you are feeling dissatisfaction with how things are going in your life, just knowing you are meant to have more ease, peace and joy…Or whether you are feeling fully satisfied but have the desire to expand or magnify~both states are calling you on to MORE.

And this MORE is possible for you.

I believe it that is why I am here.
So that you have a guide to discovering YOU are the guide.
So you can have a friend upon the journey to comfortable and uncomfortable places within yourself.

So you can know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
So you can receive support in the form of tried and true methods and perspectives that will lead you INTO YOUR BLISS of BEING STRONG.

Why Trust me? Or Study and Explore With Me?

There are many reasons to consider....
Yes, I want you to consider if our working together is a fit for you.

~Clear Service for You
I know in my heart this course is about YOU~
   my own skills, gifts and insight are IN your service.

~One Focus my Entire Life
My life has been as a student of these realms since I was five years old.

~Integrity of Commitment
More than ten years I spent immersing myself in the learning and exploration of what it meant to LIVE this INSPIRATION as a Carmelite nun in a monastery. YES MONASTERY!

~Intensity of Education
My playground is here, and I have not only studied the paths of self realization in my Master’s program and seminary training~

~Longevity of Devotion
I have worked with tens of thousands of people these past years.

~Child-like Learner
This realm is one of constant 'undoing' and learning. I do what I do because I have everything to learn.

~Your Happiness is my Passion
I understand that your fulfilling THIS desire will be your GREATEST HAPPINESS and anything less will leave you with SOME level of dissatisfaction even if your desires get buried.

What people are saying...

“Kimberly’s quest to pursue a connection with the divine is awe-inspiring. As a woman seeking spiritual connection, too, I felt while I was reading that I was her friend and confidant…Kimberly heard the call of the mystic, and as all seem to do, eventually, left the solitary life to emerge as a missionary to share her love for the divine and what she knows as the power of the soul.”

 Sarah McLean, best-selling Hay House author of
 Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation 

KImberly was a fantastic interview. She has the unique depth of spiritual experience that comes from living over ten years as a cloistered nun. Kimberly was able to clearly articulate her spiritual growth and how it effected every aspect of her outer life. The listener cannot help but be inspired to live a more meaningful life.

I also attended her live presentation. I along with the rest of the audience was moved and inspired by her.

 Take the time to listen to her and read her writings so that you might incorporate what she has learned on her life’s journey. You will be a better person for doing so.

Dennis Raimondi co-host with Phil Goldberg national radio show

Has Life ever rocked you or left you confused?

If this has happened to you, then why do so many  inspirational texts and self help books say:

‘LIFE is meant to fulfill us...'
                  'Life is a celebration...'
'Life is a path of effortlessness...'
These adages can feel like a slap in the face!

There can be days when you feel the effort involved in simply staying faithful to your obligations or even getting out of bed!

There are days when life feels dark and you wonder what you are doing and why you are here?

And there can be days when life doesn’t even feel like it is your own, you are spent in every direction but the one that will console you.

The very fact that life has these tensions
evidences the true need to engage our growth 

YES, The very dissatisfaction points us to the answer!

Are you willing to see if it is true?

I long for you to learn - YOU are your own guide

This 8 Week Immersion is for you if:

~You want to want to live an exhilarating life    

                         ~You want to realize your deepest desires
~You want to find that YES inside of you
              ~You want to move from dissatisfaction to fulfillment
~You want to move from satisfaction to the next level of soaring

~You want to effect good in the world
You want to stand STRONG when the world around you whirls in unpredictability, uncertainty, craziness, storms and unexpected difficult situations

Aimee, Meditation Retreat Participant shares her experience

"Mmmmmm, where do I start? I came with 3 specific questions in mind and am leaving with all 3 answered and more! Kimberly is a goddess in her own right. A goddess amongst all of us individuals who become goddesses under her caring, loving guidance." 

Perhaps we have not met yet, or perhaps we are friends...
either way I hope to grow in friendship with you.

Thank you for watching my videos and reading down this page. I am Kimberly Braun. And I am incredibly honored to meet you in this text – right now.

If you have read this far it tells me the heart of your own desire, or at least the level of your own curiosity.

Both are worth acting on in my book. 

In fact, I had a dramatic experience when I was only five years old that is both the inspiration for and from I live every day and I am 50 years old now. That means it has been 45 years down this own path. Back then, at such a young age the experience which I will have to share with you later, filled my heart with complete satisfaction and I knew, I just knew, life was ONLY about this one thing.

Since then it has been desire and curiosity that keeps me learning, growing, changing and celebrating LIFE. I may use the phrase Inspired LIFE but really LIFE is inspired by its very nature. But I suppose the descriptor can help you to taste what I mean- because I want this invitation to be like your favorite food or drink upon your tongue. I want you to salivate when these soul desires to live your YES MORE arise.

And they will arise.

My own experience has led me to very few, YET potent, beliefs that seem to be enduring. One of them is that Source, Spirit, Life Force is at the very center of who and what we are—and this ineffable Pulse is always arising and expanding into a new expression of LIFE.

A second belief is that YOU AND I are called to be the embodiment of this ineffable LIFE- in every way!

My life is an experiment in this realm.
So far it has taken me down some incredible and daring paths.
If you decide you want to be friends, and you will allow me to support you on your journey, there will be more time to share. So I will simply share a couple details here.

When I was 19 I almost died.
Laying in ICU I left my body and discovered a freedom and love that words still fail to express with any degree of accuracy.

Coming back into my body my life became a place wherein the mystical experiences that had woven themselves in my life from when I was five became my daily bread.

It was a juicy time of honeymoon. You know that feeling right? When everything is luminous and right and makes you happy. And I was ON FIRE with Love.

This lasted for close to five years, up to three months before I was set to enter a Carmelite monastery.

I longed to become Carmelite and I did not shrink from the knowing that I would encounter all of me~even the yeuchy parts of me that I wouldn’t like, or be embarrassed by or even feel guilty about.

It was an entry into an incredible silent embrace in silence and revealed so much.

We are far more powerful and beautiful than we could possibly imagine. If we were sitting together right now, I could even kiss you in my desire for you to KNOW this.

The level of surrender in which I lived to this LOVE arising from within prepared me unknowingly for an incredible event.

I ended up at only 29 years old building a 17,000 square foot monastery with no experience but having ALL needed. If you haven’t had a chance, check out my TEDx talk. It is a pretty incredible event.
Click here to watch.

So often people ask me why I left. And I have to tell them that my solemn vows day was and remains one of the most blissful days of my life. Yet that was not the final landing point for me- physically at least.

The Love within me drew me on with new inspiration and my response of YES ultimately led to leaving the Carmelites, entering grad school and graduating double distinction with a degree of seminary training and special focus upon the adult spiritual journey.

That graduation happened 14 years ago and ever since then I have had the pleasure to offer to others what I am offering to YOU here.


 And there is so much you can do to assist yourself in becoming YOUR GREATNESS

This course is focused upon THAT GOAL- for YOU.

This is the day to say YES to YOU and your soul's happiness.

You are unique so
the benefit you seek is going to be personal to you

Choose the top 5 qualities YOU desire for yourself:

They give a range of what I see happening for the many with whom I have worked:

~Clarity of purpose.
     ~Flexibility to the changing nature of life.
~Detachment from ideas and situations that do not serve you
     ~Simplicity and playfulness 
~Determination that is fueled by a deep inspiration
  and sense of meaning
     ~Radiance that makes you happy about who you are
~Joy even when life feels hard
     ~Peace that remains undisturbed

~Wisdom which shows up in the gifts of discernment and insight
     ~Discipline to stay the course of what you TRULY want
~Skillfulness to move through difficult situations with stability
     ~Audacity in the way you LIVE each day
~Power to effect good where you go and beyond what you see

Be sure to let me know :)

Standing Strong in the Eye of the Storm has ONE FOCUS.

That is to support YOU with inspiration, tools and perspectives in
accessing the YES, the FLOW, and the GUIDE within you
and forming you so that you live more and more from that place effortlessly and consistently.

Ask yourself these questions they are just as important!

This is NOT for you if
~You wish a quick fix
~You think I am going to do it for you
~You do not want to get to know yourself
~You want to control life
~You want to resist being honest
~You are not interested in personal change
~You think I am 'the light' (you are the light)



I know most of us, maybe you are one of them that WANT to live that inspired life, STRUGGLE AT TIMES to really want to change. IT IS OKAY!!! Wanting to grow is enough, in fact, inspiration leads us on. 

Our assent is to this movement within ourselves, not how perfectly we show up.

I am not perfect as the teacher, so I would not expect anyone else to be perfect either.


The path is YOUR LIFE. And your life is defined by YOU. What is imperative is that you surrender into the adventure of your life.


This could happen, but for most the journey teaches you to enjoy the journey. Sometimes we need to dismantle superficial desires to come into contact with the deeper soul desires meant to be fulfilled.

Why take a course devoted to your
Standing Strong AND Happy in the Storm?                                                           


Because anything less is not worthy of you.
 so I believe there is a more  pressing 


           Why WOULDN’T you want to cultivate and unleash 
the strength and happiness you have within you?

What Can You Expect to Receive?

Each Weekly module will include

~4 15 min weekly inspirational videos to view on your own timeline
~Multiple pdfs breaking open the Module topic
~Juicy practical exercises to integrate the learning
~Weekly meditation arriving in your inbox for easy access
~Bonus videos (surprise topics)
~Access to me for your questions and quanderies via email
~Invitation to private FB community page where you can share with others. I will actively be there introducing new topics, celebrating your insights, playfully growing in friendship with you
~FREE membership for an entire year to Essencetribe, a New Paradigm for Living Large!

And a Bonus! 

With this course you will also receive a FREE PRIVATE SESSION with me!
A 90.00 value, almost 30% of the cost of the course!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    The Transformative Power of Word

    • Module Description

    • Module One. Video One

    • Transformational Power of Words. Integration One

    • Module One. Video Two

    • Transformational Power of Words. Integration Two

    • Module One. Video Three

    • Transformational Power of Words. Integration Three

    • Module One. Video Four

    • Transformational Power of Words. Integration Four

    • Transformational Power of Words. Completion

  • 3

    Paradox: The Path of Freedom

    • Module Description

    • Module 2.Video 1

    • Paradox: The Path of Freedom. Integration One

    • Module 2. Video 2

    • Paradox: The Path of Freedom.Integration Two

    • Module 2. Video Meditation with Dark

    • Module 2. Video 3

    • Paradox: The Path of Freedom. Integration Three

    • Module 2. Video 4

    • Paradox: The Path of Freedom. Integration Four

    • Module 2. Kalm Breathing Exercise

  • 4

    The Teacher Dissolves the Teacher. Positioning.

    • Module Description

    • Module 3. Video One

    • Module 3. Soft Eyes Exercise

    • The Teacher Dissolves the Teacher. Integration One

    • Module 3. Video 2

    • The Teacher Dissolves the Teacher. Integration Two

    • Module 3. Video Three

    • The Teacher Dissolves the Teacher. Integration Three

    • Module 3. Video Four

    • The Teacher Dissolves the Teacher. Integration Four

    • Wisdome Chi Kung Exercise

  • 5

    Surrender is an Action Verb

    • Module Description

    • Module 4. Video 1

    • Surrender is An Action Verb. Integration 1

    • Module 4. Video 2

    • Surrender Is An Action Verb, Integration 2

    • Module 4. Video 3

    • Module 4. Video 3. Part 2

    • Surrender Is An Action Verb. Integration 3

    • Module 4. Video 4

    • Surrender Is An Action Verb. Integration 4

  • 6

    Silence: The PLACE That's Got It Goin' On...

    • Module Description

    • Half Way Through the Course Check-In

    • Module 5. Video 1

    • Silence.Integration 1

    • Silence. Poems From Video 1

    • Module 5. Video 2

    • Silence. Integration 2

    • Module 5. Video 3

    • Silence. Integration 3

    • Module 5. Video 4

    • Silence. Integration 4

    • Silence. Poem from Video 4

  • 7

    Desire, The Mind, The Imagination. Do They Help Us?

    • Module Description

    • Module 6. Video 1

    • The Mind, Desire and the Imagination.Integration 1

    • Module 6. Video 2

    • The Mind. Integration 2

    • Module 6. Video 3

    • Desire. Integration 3

    • Module 6. Video 4

    • Imagination. Integration 4

  • 8

    Ever Changing. Ever Unchanging. Life-giving Containers

    • Module Description

    • Module 7. Video 1

    • Ever Changing, Ever Unchanging, Containers. Integration 1

    • Module 7. Video 2

    • Reinforce. Integration 2

    • Module 7. Video 2.1 BodyJoy

    • Module 7. Video 2.2 Open Heart

    • Module 7. Video 2.3. Toning Sounds

    • Module 7. Video 3. Redirect

    • Module 7. Video 3.1. TenseUp

    • Module 7. Video 3.2. Sitkari

    • Module 7. Video 3.3. 3 Pause Breath

    • Module 7. Video 4

    • Module 7. Integration 3

  • 9

    Playful, Simple, Curious and POWERFUL!

    • Module Description

    • Module 8. First Steps

    • Module 8. Video 1. Introduction

    • Module 8. Video 2. Seriously Playful

    • Module 8. Integration 1. Comes AFTER Video 2

    • Module 8. Video 2.2. Toning Play Exercise

    • Module 8. Video 3. Curious About Curiosity

    • Module 8. Integration 2. Comes AFTER Video 3

    • Module 8. Video 4. Simplicity

    • Module 8. Integration 3. Comes AFTER Video 4

    • Module 8. Video 5

    • Module 8. integration 4. Comes AFTER Video 5

  • 10

    Next steps

  • 11

    BONUS VIDEO: How You Ask IS How Your Receive

    • How You Ask IS How You Receive


Can I make payments?

Yes. You can pay for this course in 3 increments of 99.00. The first payment is due to secure the course. The second payment is due at the beginning of week 4 and the last payment is due the beginning of week 7.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, you can receive a full refund within the first 10 days and a 50% refund at the 30 day mark. 

What if I am not much of a computer person and have questions?

I am available via email to guide you through the process and will do whatever it takes for you to have a great experience.

About the instructor

Minister, M.A., Retreat Leader, Meditation Coach, Reiki Master

Kimberly Braun

Kimberly Braun, Minister, M.A., CSP and Meditation Coach has been devoted to meditation from the age of 5, with over ten of her years spent as a monastic nun.Her Masters in theology was completed in 2001 in Washington D.C., and is concentrated upon the adult spiritual journey. As a CSP, keynote presentations are a primary tool in her personal mission to inspire others to live from the power and wisdom within them.Her style is playful, deeply inquiring, and intelligent in the synthesis of not only how to access this part of ourselves, but how to live from that place more consistently. She is a retreat and workshop facilitator, TEDx speaker, meditation faculty at the renowned Omega Institute, and fellow seeker on the path to living freely. She has three CDs and a book now available about her time as a nun, Love Calls, Insights of a former Carmelite nun. And she is available for YOU~ contact her today for sessions, private group events, keynotes or even a retreat!

Now is the time, for there is no time like NOW!

Let's do this together.